What I got for Christmas (beauty products)



Thought I would share with you all what beauty products I got for christmas and would love to see what you all got too! :)
I have had a quick play around with all of these products and I love all of them, some I had asked for specifically and some were a suprise.
ok I will start with perfumes. These are my 2 favourite perfumes and I get them every christmas and birthday to keep me going! My absolute favourite is Coco Chanel madmoiselle
and my second favourite is Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. They are quite heavy scents particularly the Jean Paul Gaultier but those are the kind of scents that I like, maybe not to everybody's taste particularly if you like light fruity fragrances but they are really nice evening scents.
What I love about the twist and spray Chanel bottles is that they first of all look beautiful, the packaging and design is so sleek but they are also the perfect size to pop in your handbag, and with the two refill bottles that come with it you are still getting a good amount of product for your money.

Coco Chanel Madmoiselle

Jean Paul Gauliter - Classique
The next product I got was one that I have wanted ever since watching Tanya Burr (pixi2woo) using it in her tutorials, it is the Dior highlighter in the shade "Amber Diamond" it is a lovely colour and catches the light beautifully making the cheek bones look glowing and radiant.

On to eye products... The first thing I got were these 4 pigments in Pearl, Rose Light, Spicy smoke and Roasted chestnut. They are shimmery shadows which apply and blend beautifully, I will be doing some tutorials using these pigments very soon!
This next product I just love! It is not picking up on camera how amazing and unique this colour is. It is a shimmery gold pigment but it has tiny flecks of green glitter running through it like a gold and green duo chrome. Have a look at it next time you are in MAC because the pictures are not doing it justice. The colour is 'Old Gold'

The lip products I got were all glosses. The Bourjois 3D Effect glosses came in a set of 3 and are lovely. All I would say is don't be put off by the colour! I was a bit apprehensive at first because I don't go for Bright pink shades on my lips but they come off much more subtle and the gloss effect does give the appearence of more plumped up amplified lips so I love these.

The next lipgloss set I got was by MAC, and in this set are four colours in the shades 'Get Rich Quick', 'Satin Slip', 'Kiss Don't Tell' and 'Fashion Whim' it is a nuetral/gold/brown palette and I love every single shade! I normally find in make up sets you may get the odd one or two you love and could give or take the rest but I love all of these colours. So all in all, extremely happy!

 Finally, Nails. I got this Nails inc set of lovely pale pastel colours which will be great for spring and summer so looking forward to wearing those.

I also got 3 OPI nail varnishes which I am so happy with, the opacity, colour and quality of these varnishes are amazing. The first 2 are from the James Bond collection and they are 'Live and Let Die' and 'Goldeneye' and the final one is 'Black Cherry Chutney'

I hope you enjoyed that and I would love to know what lovely things you all got for christmas :) 

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  1. wow you got some beautiful products, I am particularly jealous of your Dior, looks amazing. x

    I would love any feedback, or even to swap follwings as I only started blogging on Saturday!! thank you hon x


    1. Following :) looking forward to reading your future blogs! xxx

  2. Amazing beauty products :) I got a Ciate nail polish kit and lots of perfume.


    1. Sounds lovely! hope you had a nice christmas and I love your new hair colour, it really suits you xxx