25 Random facts about me tag


1. My favourite perfume is Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
2. I have a phobia of spiders and big things that should be small lol (does anyone else have that? I realise it sounds ridiculous) but for example big statues of people freak me out! The Statue of Liberty, The Angel of the North and that big head statue in St Helens terrify me! but the scariest thing I have ever seen is this...!

3. My favourite ice cream flavour is Ben and Jerry's Vermonster
4. My favourite colour is yellow
5. I love to plan and make lists of anything and everything

6. My favourite shops are Selfridges and french Connection
7. At Wagamamas I order Chilli squid and Firecracker
8. My favourite season is Winter because I absolutely love Christmas I still wake up super early like a little child

9. My favourite food is avocado
10. I live in Cheshire in England
11. I have a Harry Potteresque scar on my right knee from when I rolled in to a rosebush when I was little
12. I have a degree in Fine Art from Newcastle university. This was my degree show piece ...

13. I am addicted to pinterest - http://pinterest.com/rebeccalatekala/
14. My favourite Harry Potter character is Snape
15. I have always wanted to go to New York and am going this year for Christmas :)
16. I have been on TV twice
17. I have a boyfriend called Lex (Alex)
18. My favourite musician is Morrissey
19. My most listened to song on itunes is Hey by the Pixies
20. I hate rudeness and lateness
21. I collect cute cards
22. I would love to have my own business
23. I have lots of box sets, I love having tv series to watch
24. I was born on 20th August 1990
25. My favourite photographer is Gregory Crewdson

Thank you for reading,
please leave links to your 25 facts in the comments below x

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  1. I love your degree piece, really really cool hope you got a good mark for it!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


  2. @EfiaTalksLife Thank you I got a 2:1 xxx