What I got for my birthday


Yesterday was my 24th birthday and I got some lovely presents that I thought I would share with you. I really enjoy 'what I got for my birthday' Posts as not only does it give me ideas of things to ask for for christmas and birthday presents but they also give me ideas of gifts I can get for my friends too. This year I really wanted a bike so most of my family gave me money to buy one. I decided on the Pendleton Ashwell which is from the Victoria Pendleton range I am in love with it!

Alex's mum got me a Ted baker make up bag which I love! It is black with rose gold details and is exactly the one I would have picked. She also got me a lovely room fragrance set which I have already started using.

Alex's sister got me these bomb cosmetics candle melts - each shape has a different scent and so you can mix a few shapes together to create different scents its a really fun gift idea and I am enjoying playing around with it .

I got some gorgeous gifts from work colleagues too. I got an Eyeko eyeliner which I have wanted to try for a while, a Clarins lipgloss in the colour Grenadine. The vanilla and bergamot body buff is amazing, it smells really sweet and almondy and is so light and fluffy I love it! I also got a Crabtree and Evelyn set and a deep red Leighton Denny nail varnish which I can't wait to try.

 My friend Emily got me the prettiest presents :P the fairy dust candle is lovely the scent reminds me of baby powder and she also treated me to some delicious champagne truffles. 

My Aunty got me a selection of Yankee Candles, My favourites are Soft Blanket, Black Coconut, and sweet pea.

 Finally, Alex got me lots of lovely things ... first being the new Morrissey CD woop! 

 The Darjeeling Limited DVD, I love Wes Anderson and I haven't seen this one yet so I think we will watch that tonight 

 He also got me some lovely Lush stuff which he picked himself and did such a good job

 He also got me my favourite white company candle 'Seychells' which just reminds me of the beach and holidays it smells like coconut, vanilla and suntan lotion!

And my final present from Alex which was such a surprise and is one of my bucket list things I have always wanted to do is to see Les Miserables in the theatre! So we are going to London in October to watch it at the Queens theatre and I can't wait! I have loved Les Mis ever since I was little and my grandparents went to see it and then bought it on VHS and I would watch it over and over again when I would stay at their house. So I feel so lucky and excited to see it myself. 

Alex also bought me a peanut butter brownie cheesecake from The English Cheesecake company which I highly recommend they are delicious and have every flavour you can imagine.

Thanks for reading x

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  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had an amazing time.

    1. Thank you Dannii I had a really nice day :) xxx