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I went to lush a few weeks ago to have a look at the valentines collection. I love Lush's holiday ranges and am looking forward to the easter one. I picked up a few things to try,  I also wanted to try the Unicorn horn and the love locket bath bomb but they were out of stock in the chester store. I also bought 2 massage bars and the floating island luxury bath melt which smells amazing.
The Heart Throb bubble bar is the same fragrance as the African Paradise body conditioner. It contains Shea butter and geranium oil, and it is easy to break in to 2 pieces to get more baths out of it.

The Lonely heart bubble bar is covered in gold glitter which looks amazing and is scented with lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and yang yang.

The floating flower bath bomb is quite sweet and floral and contains lots of essential oils so will leave your skin feeling lovely.

The pearl massage bar smells lovely, quite sweet and floral, is has argan oil and rose oil so it is really moisturising for the skin, but it also has sago bubbles which are used in bubble tea, these pink bubbles are meant to massage the skin and help boost circulation so am looking forward to trying this.

 I also got the Tender is the night massage bar because it smelt so amazing, it is really sweet and smells like vanilla and jasmine. It contains shea butter and murmur butter so it will make your skins super soft.

This is probably the least exciting looking thing in the store! haha but it smelt so lovely that I had to try it. I used this last night and It was really nice, it contains almond oil, sandalwood oil and cocoa butter. Because it is a bath melt it dissolves slowly and it makes the skin feel soft and velvety. My only issue with this is that the fragrance wasn't very strong in the bath and the scent was my favourite thing about it.

Have you tried anything from the valentines collection? What was your favourite product?
B xx

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  1. i love lush so much, i bet these products are amazing! xx

  2. I don't have anything from lush I think I need stop by one day :)