Finery London


I saw this brand advertised on Facebook and thought I would check it out. They are called Finery London and are quite similar to Cos but with a bit more colour and prints. The pieces are very bold yet simple and the clothes are quite structured and oversized, which I don't think are too flattering on me but would looking amazing on someone else, what I love from this brand though are the footwear and accessories. Let me know what you think of the products in the comments below.
Finery London - Kingly Open Ended Bangle £9
Finery London - Jackson D Shape Bangles £20
Finery London - Leyton Leather Spat Sandals £59

Finery London - Lizette Leather High Heel Sandals £119
Finery London - Lotus Leather High Heel Open Shoes £119
Finery London - Cheval Leather Ankle Strap Sandals £45

Love B x

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  1. Oh wow!! I love the pink sandals!! Pricey but I may actually squeeze some pennies! Love it!

    Anna, Yay Interiors + Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. I know they are a bit pricey :S but they are so pretty :) xx

  2. Any chance they do mens stuff? Mens shoes and accessories are so boring and uninpsiring atm... :(


    1. sadly not :( but I will an eye out for interesting mens shoes and accessories for you xx

  3. Not sure on the pound but I love the bracelets especially.