Favourite places in Chester


In todays post I wanted to share some of my favourite places in Chester, I have always lived near to Chester so I visit fairly regularly but I still have a lot more of it to explore. Lex and I are moving here in a few months time which we are so excited about so I am sure we will find some more places to add to the list! Lets start with ....

The Botanist

As beautiful in the day as it is at night, the Botanist is my favourite place I have been to so far to eat in chester. I love going there for great food that is beautifully presented and I love the huge array of cocktails it has to offer.

Harvest Moon Espresso bar

I love the interior, and the atmosphere is really relaxed. Everyone who works here is so friendly and down to earth and the coffee is amazing, I usually have a mocha which is equally delicious. They also have open mic nights and sell great homemade food and alcohol too, definitely worth a visit!

Arbol House

This is my favourite shop for home accessories in Chester, it has lots of cute and quirky items from beautiful cushions to glass skulls.

Bar Lounge

Bar Lounge I like for the atmosphere in the evening, it is beautiful and has gorgeous lanterns inside that makes it feel really cosy. Lex and I also went there on our first date so I like it for that too :)

If you want to indulge in a treat for yourself or are looking for a gorgeous chocolaty gift for someone then I would definitely recomend Rococo, it is a little pricey but the chocolate is great quality and the packaging is beautiful, a perfect gift!

I would love to see some of your favourite places from your local area, so please leave some places in the comments for me to have a look at. 

Thanks for reading, Bex

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  1. That Arbol House shop looks right up my street, been a while since I've been to Chester, will have to visit soon!

  2. I love Chester, I've not checked out the Botanist yet and it really is on my list. I know we have one in Manchester but it would be good to plan to do something in Chester :)

    1. It's lovely but if you are ever in Newcastle the Botanist there is amazing! here is a picture ...


      and that dome is covered in fairy lights and looks amazing at night :) xx