St Ives holiday 2016


A much overdue blog post of our summer holiday this year! But better late then never haha here is my post about our annual trip to .....
For the past 4 years we have gone to St Ives every summer. I went with Lex and my family, we all love it there and I am fairly certain we would all moved down there tomorrow given the chance! So here are a few pictures from the trip ...

It started with packing, and this is what it looks like when I pack ... Haha last minute washing and ironing, clothes thrown everywhere. I always take way too much and then hardly wear any of it. I do actually quite enjoy packing, it's the unpacking I hate :( 
Lex and I left super early around 5am and stopped off in Padstow to meet my family who had driven down the night before. Padstow is so beautiful, it has great views, great shops and great pasty shops haha
After stopping off in Padstow we traveled down to St Ives and arrived at our gorgeous apartment. It was perfect, right in the centre of St Ives and had incredible views of the sea. We had a lovely cream tea waiting for us on arrival but after that we just wanted to head in to town.
The walk down to the town was great, gorgeous views all the way down, took about 5-10 mins and was all downhill ... but the walk back was a killer! 
There are so many amazing shops and restaurants in St Ives, we spent most days exploring the town. Port of call is my favourite shop in St Ives it has gorgeous homeware, stationary and beauty products. I also love the New craftmans gallery, it has some amazing art and ceramics. We loved the Yellow Canary bakery for it's chocolate tiffin and St Ives bakery for its tempting window displays! We loved the mermaid restaurant for great seafood. Balcony bar was perfect for evening drinks with a view of the sea, and of course late night drinks at The sloop has become a bit of a tradition.
Port of call
St Ives bakery
The views from the apartment were amazing, we loved having breakfast out on the balcony looking out to sea.
One of our favourite places to go was the pier. It was so calming being surrounded by the incredibly blue sea looking over the town and watching the cute seals!
 We spent several days on the beach, body boarding, drinking and chilling.
We had some amazing food and drink whilst in St Ives. I would definitely recommend the deli boards from Beach cafe bar on the front. For drinks I would recommend Porthmeor cafe bar. It is a bar on the beach ... what more could you want?! 
We also went to a bar/restaurant called Alba for drinks which was just on the front in St Ives. It was lovely and the interiors were amazing!
While on holiday we really wanted to find a piece of art for our new apartment. We have been on the hunt since we moved in to our apartment as we were given some money to buy some art as a house warming present. It has taken us months of to finally commit to buying something, but when we saw this we both just fell in love with it. It was from 'St Ives Ceramics' and is by an Australian artist called John Stroomer. We love the colours, it reminds us of the St Ives Sea.
We also found this print in a shop in Mevagissey which will add to our growing print collection!
St Ives is one of our favourite places, we had such a lovely time and can't wait to go back.

Thank you for reading, 
love Bex x


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