Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette


I got the Urban Decay 15th anniversary eyeshadow palette for christmas and have just got round to playing around with it. What I really love about this palette is the colour range, there are a nice selection of neutrals, some bolder brighter colours and then a few unique darker shades. There are so many different looks to be created by the colour combinations you use. Another thing I love is that they are so highly pigmented, a little goes a long way which is great since the palette is fairly pricey at around £40. The only negative I could find really is that there is only one matte shadow which is black out, so if you don't like shimmery eyeshadows then this is definitely not the palette for you. The packaging is beautiful and it comes with a huge mirror filling the inside of the lid which is really useful.

(from left to right) Blackout, Half Truth, Evidence, Flow, Ace, Midnight Rodeo, Tainted, Deeper, Midnight 15, Junkshow, M.I.A, Vanilla, Omen, Chase, Deep End

The following images use Tainted on the lid, Deeper and M.I.A on the outer corner and Midnight 15 on the inner corner

The following images use Junkshow on the lid, Omen on the outer corner, Deep End on the outer corner and across the top, Flow under the brow and Vanilla on the inner corner. I also took a small amount of Junkshow to use as a blush through the tops of the cheeks.

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  1. I love this palette - its hard to choose a favourite colour. I really like the smokey look you have done in the first few pics!


  2. This pallete looks amazing!
    I love your eyes!
    you are aodrable! :)

  3. Thank you both so much :)
    I will be updating the blog more frequently soon, I am just in my final year at uni so it is a bit hectic at the minute. love your blogs!

  4. amazing blog!would you like to fallow each other?

  5. Wow this looks great! Just had the Naked palette for my birthday so this has inspired me to try a few things out

    Lindsey x