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I went to boots yesterday and bought 3 No7 lip products. I only tend to buy No7 products when I get a boots £5 off voucher, but yesterday I had the £5 off voucher and it was 3 for 2 on all No7 products, so I ended up getting the products for half price, each lip product originally retails at £10 and I got all 3 for £15, which is a really great saving.

The 2 lipsticks I got were 'moisture drench' in the colours Romantic and Divine. The moisture drench lipsticks are really hydrating and moisturising, they don't dry out your lips (at least they don't for me) they go on so nicely and easily, and have great pigmentation. They also seem to stay on for a reasonable amount of time, but perhaps not as much as a more matt finish lipstick.
I know that the colours are very similar, (they are the shades next to each other) but I am trying to find a nice neutral lip colour and am trying out lots of different shades and even one shade apart the colours do vary by the undertone colour. 'Romantic' is a bit brighter and pinker, and 'Divine' is a bit darker.
The last product that I got was a liplicious gloss in the colour Angel cake, I love the colour of this as much as i love the name! It is a perfect neutral colour with tiny pink, blue and green flecks of glitter. It is really glossy and sparkly, the only criticism I have with this is that as it wears it does feel quite grainy on your lips due to the flecks of glitter so you do have to keep topping it up.

From left to right : 04 Romantic, Angel cake gloss, 05 Divine.

I am really pleased with these products, I like the quality and the colours however at £10 a piece I would rather spend an extra few pounds to get a higher end lipstick like MAC. But with the 3 for 2 offer and the £5 off voucher they work out at £5 each which is a great price that I would happily pay for the quality you get with these products.

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