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This blog post may not be of use to many people as it is quite a site specific place I want to talk about so if it is completely useless to you I apologise! 

But for those of you who live in or may be visiting cheshire (UK) and want some great discounts on high street and high end brands then you have to visit Cheshire oaks

I live quite close to chehsire oaks so I go there quite regularly and it is probably my favourite place to shop at the moment (as a student just about to finish uni I am drawn to anywhere I can get a bit of a bargain!)

There is a cosmetics shop there called ‘The Cosmetics company Store’ and it is amazing! They sell beauty products by MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder and Ojon (to name a few) all at discounted prices.

Here are a few things that I bought ...

These are the mac products I bought from 'The Cosmetics Company Store' at Cheshire Oaks 
Pencil- I Get No Kick
Lipstick- Vegas Volt
Mineralize Skinfinish - Lightscapade
Eyeshadow- Brun

Cheshire Oaks Price - £15.25
Retail Price - £21.50
Cheshire Oaks Price- £9.50
Retail Price- £13.50
Cheshire Oaks Price - £8.50
Retail Price - £12.00

Cheshire Oaks Price - £9.25
This was a limited edition pencil so I can't really compare the price as you cannot get it in MAC stores anymore

I also got these shoes from Dune
Cheshire Oaks Price - £51.00
Retail Price £99.00

1. The Price - You are getting products up to 60% off the retail price. (You can see how much I saved by the price comparisons under the pictures)
2. Great for a trial run of a product - If you want to try out higher end make up brands like Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC etc then the fact that these products are cheaper than the retail price may make you feel slightly less guilty about spending so much on a product that you want to experiment with.
3. The Cosmetics company store has older stock - often limited edition and discontinued items so it is like you have a second chance to buy limited edition stock if you missed it the first time, or if you are struggling to get hold of an older product there is a chance you may find it here.
4. Great for staple clothing pieces - If you are wanting a simple piece of clothing such as jeans or a plain t shirt or jumper that wont go out of style, then cheshire oaks is perfect as you can get those items at a higher branded quality for a similar price as you would be paying on the highstreet. Also if you were looking to treat yourself to a high end bag such as mulberry then the mulberry store at cheshire oaks is great as they have classic mulberry bags hundreds of pounds cheaper than if you were to buy it from a normal store.  
1. Lack of choice -
Cheshire Oaks is not the type of of place you could come looking for a very specific item as the stock tends to be last season or at least a few months old, there is occasionally current stock but there tends to be very few so it is a bit pot luck as to what you will find. In terms of make up there are limited choices in terms of eyeshadow and lip product colours and also they do not stock the entire range of foundation colours so it is just luck if they have your foundation colour, the foundation colours tend to be slightly darker shades which is no use for me being pale. So it can be hit or miss.
2. Last seasons stock - This is not a problem for me as I see it as, if I had bought something at retail price last season I would still be wearing it this season, so if you were to buy something a season out the only difference is that you are getting it a bit later than you would have done but at a fraction of the price...(if that makes sense).

Hopefully this has been of interest to some of you and I would highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area. 

Thanks for reading.

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