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I am sorry for not posting for almost a week but I have been in Newcastle for my graduation! It was a really good day but hectic as we left Newcastle around 3/3.30 to get to Liverpool to watch Blink 182 that evening! 

Anyway today I wanted to share 2 Models Own nail varnishes with you...

Models Own - Indian Ocean

I absolutely love this colour. It is actually my sister Lydia's nail varnish which she let me try and it is beautiful. It goes on nicely and only took me 2 coats to build up a good opacity. 'Indian Ocean' is a light blue with tiny flecks of pink, yellow and green glitter which the light picks up really well.

Models Own - Beach Party

I bought this 'Beach Party' nail varnish after seeing Zoe wear it in a youtube video, I loved the colour and agreed with her point that wearing neon can be difficult so introducing it in smaller ways such as on nails or accessories is a lot easier to do and means you can still wear this fashion just in a more subtle way. However there is nothing subtle about this colour! Beach party is a bright neon orange and I don't think these pictures do it justice as to how neon it really is!

The one negative I have with Beach Party is that it has a really runny consistency so takes a good few layers to build up the colour opacity, which means you are using up more product, however at £5 each they are quite reasonably priced and the colour is amazing and instantly brightens an outfit, a great summer / holiday colour.

Have you tried any Models Own nail varnishes? Let me know which ones and what you thought of them in the comments below I will definitely be purchasing some more!

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  1. I really want to get my hands on those two colours, they're so vibrant I love it. :) I own disco mix and I really love it and it generally takes 2-3 coats to look really good but it's so difficult to try to take it off your nails. :(


    1. Disco mix is another one I want to get my hands on! Xxx

  2. I've been using the models own nail art pens and I have to say I've been impressed- they're a much thicker consistency than other suppliers and the brush isn't too long so you can get accurate detail :) Never knew you did a blog Bex, I'll be watching this now!! Zoe L xxx

  3. Thanks zo I'll be watching yours too :) xxx