Central Perk, Ironman and Manchester


I thought I would do something a bit different today and do more of a lifestyle blog, I am hoping to do more of these as they are so much quicker and easier to do than plan all make up bits, (which I will still be doing too) but I think this will encourage me to blog more regularly which I really want to do! So hopefully these may turn in to little weekly blogs interspersed with some make up post.
Anyway... The week started with some lovely flowers from Lex and then for a meal for my friend Niamhy's birthday. She lives in Copenhagen so it was lovely to see her again.

On Mine and Lex's day off we went to see iron man 3D, which was fun. 
On thursday we went to Chester to go to the new Central Perk coffee shop that has just opened. My sister lyds had been talking about it and we decided we had to go!...It was amazing! A must see for any Friends fan. There are TV screens on the walls playing friends episodes on repeat, it has a really cosy New York feel to it and it is fun to spot all the little details when you compare it to the Central Perk set on the show.

This is the menu, I plan to try everything!

Lex's is on the left, he got a 'Liberty Blend' and I got a 'Manhatten Mocha' they were iced coffee drinks so really nice for hot sunny days (which we will hopefully get some more of!) they were delicious.

After chester we drove to Manchester for a wander round the shops, 

We went to French Connection and Waterstones and I was so tempted to buy things but for now I am being good and trying to save some money up! so the following things will just have to go on my to buy list.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you have been getting up to this week :)

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