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As Lex and I are going to New York in a few months we have been on a bit of spending ban whilst we save up our NY spending money. We have now saved up and put aside all the money we want to take so are free to shop again !! ... So I went a bit mad and spent quite a lot... oops! We first had a look in John Lewis at all the christmas things starting to arrive which made me super excited.  

We then had a bit of a wander, here are a few pictures of Liverpool for those who might not have been

Liverpool is great for make up shopping, not only does it have a MAC and Illamasqua shop but it has a Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar which as well as selling beauty products, also offers manicures at the champagne nail bar, facials, hairdressing, they also have pamper packages which would make such a nice present or day out with friends before an evening out.

So... what did I buy,

 From Beauty Bazaar I bought 3 Butter London nail varnishes in the colours 'Bit Faker' 'Chancer' and 'Knees Up' All very christmasy, but I think 'Bit Faker' will be really nice for autumn.

Bit Faker
Knees Up

 Again From Beauty Bazaar I got 2 OPI nail varnishes in the colours 'Malaga Wine' and 'Haven't the Foggiest'. I love 'Haven't the foggiest' the name is so cute and the colour is an amazing metallic  gunmetal, which I think is a great colour for the cold winter months.
Left - 'Malaga Wine' Right - 'Haven't the foggiest' 
The next thing I got was from the MAC store and it is a paint pot in the colour 'Constructivist'. I have lately rediscovered my 'Bare Study' paint pot and have been using it every day, I have also found that I don't need a primer with it as it seems to act as a primer on me. So it has been really easy to use as a base colour and a primer in one. So I decided to get 'Consructivist' as a darker alternative that I could wear on a night out. I think this will be a nice dark base for a smokey eye.

From the Illamasqua store I got a pure pigment in 'Beguile' This is the first Illamasqua purchase I have ever made and I absolutely love it! and challenge anyone who goes in to the store and tries this not to buy it! It is the most sparkly eyeshadow I have ever seen and cannot wait to wear it for Christmas/ NewYear

 Then back in Beauty Bazaar Lex treated me to some lovely NARS products, I got the NARS Illuminator in 'Copacobana' which is a beautiful cream highlight but can also look amazing dabbing a tiny bit in the centre of your lip to make your lips look fuller and really stand out. I also got the Eurydice eyeshadow duo which is incredible. The colours are quite dark and gothy which I love. The purple has flecks of blue shimmer running through it creating an amazing duochrome effect. The second colour is a shimmery slate grey/moss green which is also beautiful and I think will be great for a smokey eye. The pigmentation in both colours are excellent so I may have to invest in some more NARS eyeshadows in the future.

Here are the swatches of my make up products
From left to right- NARS Copacabana illuminator, MAC Constructivist,  NARS Eurydice pallette purple, NARS Eurydice pallette grey, Illamasqua Beguile (which the pic does not do justice! So if you love sparkles please check this out in store)
The next section are my clothing purchases all from H&M which I never shop in! So from now on I might check it out more often. The first thing I got was this black and white skirt with cats on it which I thought was cute and would go well with my American Apparel black leotard.

I also got this thin Kimono style ...thing, lol I don't really know how to describe it. I basically wanted something casual and light to throw on when going shopping or going out for the day, that wasn't as heavy as a coat/jacket, so I was originally looking for a cardigan but when I saw this it was perfect, nice and light and comfortable but covers you up a bit, it will also be great for next summer as it is so light.

My final purchase was this cream jumper. I got this for winter with the intention to take it to New York for some extra layers, it is really comfy and is nice and long to cover your bum! I love the style and the shape of this one but there were loads more cuts and colours to choose from in H&M so it is definitely worth checking out if you are after some warm winter jumpers. 

Thank you for reading this incredibly long post!

I would love to see what you have all been buying ready for autumn/winter, so please leave a link in the comments to share what you have been buying lately. 


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