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Is it ridiculously early to be thinking about christmas already? ... probably.

I don't know if it is because I work in retail or because Christmas is my favourite time of year, but as soon as my birthday is over in August I am already thinking about christmas!
I think this year especially because Alex and I are going to New York mid december until christmas eve so we are aware that all our christmas shopping has to be all done and wrapped before we go, and we also have lots of New York planning still to do, so we need to start thinking about christmas shopping earlier than usual. 
Anyway, when it gets to this time of year all I want to do is shop for christmas bits for around the house, so when I saw the Yankee candle christmas ranges in the shops I couldn't resist picking up a few.
Now this may be slightly controversial but I am not a massive fan of yankee candle scents (sorry :p) the only ones I seem to like are the christmas ones and Vanilla cupcake.
There are other christmas ones I like and plan on getting a few more but these were the ones I have picked up for now.
I got Christmas Cookie in a large jar, and Snow in Love and Christmas Eve came in a set, both in medium sized jars 

Christmas Cookie, is my absolute favourite christmas candle and is pretty much identical to vanilla cupcake. It is a very heavy, musky, sugary sweet vanilla scent. 

Snow in Love, is still quite sweet but is much lighter and fresher than christmas cookie, I would even say quite floral. It reminds me of going to the forest to get the christmas tree, more of a fresh winter morning scent.

Christmas Eve is a little more fruity and spicy than the other two you get a hint of orange and cinnamon, it is a very warming scent perfect for a winter evening. I will definitely be lighting this on christmas eve when we get back from New York!

What Yankee Candle scents have you been enjoying lately?
Thank you for reading

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