When Lex and I have a few days off together we like to go on a little trip to somewhere we have never been before. So this time we decided to go to Norwich. We basically chose to go here as there are some nice places around Norwich and on the way down that we wanted to visit.
On the way down we stopped off at Cambridge which we loved! There are some beautiful parts of the city and some really unique and interesting shops, it is how I had expected Oxford to be when I visited, but there wasn't much there. So Cambridge is the definite winner for me. 


An amazing old fashioned sweet shop we found
Cambridge shops
Some cute Cambridge shops


Norwich was so different to what I had expected, there were so many independent, quirky shops, cafe's and restaurants

We found a shop called Elements and it was Alex's favourite shop! lol I couldn't get him out of there, he bought a really nice jumper for New York 


This was my favourite place we went to on the trip. I first heard of Holt in one of Tanya or Jim's vlogs (I can't remember which) It just looked like the prettiest place to visit in winter. It was really pretty and quaint but the shops were amazing, a mix of old fashioned classic shops to modern, independent, artsy home shops with eclectic modern pieces. We went to Byfords for lunch and the food was amazing, and again was a mix of old and new, with the traditional bakery and the contemporary restaurant menu.

On the last day I was on the hunt for christmas decorations, so we went to a few places mainly farm shops to see what we could find. After no luck finding anything christmassy at the farm shops we went to Elveden Estate in Thetford where we hit the jackpot on christmas decorations! We possibly spent a little too much on decorations :P but I can't resist I am going to do a blog post on all my christmas decorations I have collected soon so you can see them all then. 

Thanks for reading and if you have any recommendations on where to go on our next trip away please leave them in the comments below.

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