New Year


Happy New year!

I hope everyone had a lovely christmas and a nice winter break. Today I wanted to do a little post to share a few of my resolutions/ things to do in the New Year.

I will start with the one I am pretty sure everyone has at New Year which is...

1. To live a healthier lifestyle, I am planning to do this by
- Going to the Gym a minimum of three times a week
- Giving up fizzy drinks
- Drink water instead of juice
- No unhealthy snacks

2. Learn to drive! - I started lessons before I went off to uni and then never carried on with it so this is the year I start driving again so Lex doesn't have to drive me around everywhere :p

3. Spring Clean - I want to have a big clear out of all my stuff, this also includes clearing my iMac and putting everything on to external hard drives.

4. Start seriously saving money! - Lex and I have been wanting our own place for ages, we have bought so much stuff to go in our future place we now we just need to get a place! So I need to cut back on my shopping sprees and start saving up :P. This has been so easy to do using an app on my phone, I set up a savings account and just transfer money in to it every week . I prefer this than a direct debit as I can control how much I want to add each week.

5. I want to go on some more road trips with Lex, last year we went to lots of new places and also had a few weekend trips to visit friends.  We both really enjoyed this so on our list this year is,
- Edinburgh
- York
- Bath
- Italy

I would love to hear any plans/ resolutions that you have made for 2014

Thanks for reading,

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  1. ahh, learning to drive.. thats definitely one of my main goals for this summer. its actually quite embarrassing haha.

    xo, Brikena

    lets follow each other through Bloglovin or Google Friend Connect?

    1. Nice blog, Following you on Bloglovin :) xx