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Today I thought I would share some New York pictures with you :) On the 13th of December Lex and I went to New York for the run up to christmas. It was amazing, we had both wanted to go to New York since we were little and decided the first time we go has to be at christmas! It was absolutely freezing but magical. So here are some pictures documenting the trip.
Waiting to board
Bucks Fizz at the airport, yum
Lex and I stayed at The Night Hotel Times square, it was a great location and a really nice boutique hotel with a gorgeous bar and we would deffinitly stay here again. 

 The hotel was just off time square on 47th Street.
 On one morning we walked across Brooklyn Bridge, the views were amazing, and it was the point of the trip when the weather began to turn from snow to sunshine, so we got to see the city in both extremes of weather.

Statue of Liberty at Battery Park

We went up the Empire state in the snow so we couldn't see much!

Half way through our trip was Lex's birthday and one of the things his mum bought for us was matching American flag onesies :P

The food was really good too, there was so much choice, you could have anything you could think of whenever you wanted! We found Fresh & Co on the first day, and went there quite a lot, we also went to Chop't, Chipotle, and The Little Owl on Bedford Street which is at the bottom of the Friends building. 

Lex and I in Fresh & Co

My favourite place that we went to was the West Village, it had such a nice atmosphere, the buildings were beautiful and the shops were a mix of high end and boutique. We went to perry street too to see Carrie's apartment from Sex and the City.

Whilst we were in the the west village we saw what looked like an advert being filmed, so if anyone knows what they are filming I would love to know and see the finished thing

Another favourite place that we found was Bryant park, it was about a 5 minute walk from the hotel so we went several times. There was ice skating and a christmas market where I bought 2 rings and a graphic design print, I might do a New York haul at some point and show what we got.

I think the most memorable part of the trip for both of us was the top of the rock at night. The view was incredible and we could have stayed there all night.

Thank you for reading

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  1. beautiful post!! I really want to go to NY! maybe next year for my 30th birthday!! x

    1. Thank you, I hope you get to go, it really is amazing, we would like to go back again in the summer next time to see it in a different season xx

  2. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go to NY.


  3. I love your photo collages, you look like you both covered so much of NY. Very envious right now. I doubt they would let me and mine in the US unfortunately!

  4. I adore New York, I've been a few times and have been around Christmas twice. There is no where quite like it and Fresh & Co... surely it is about time someone brought the idea to the UK? I only discovered it the last time I went!

    1. I know! we said that, I hope someone brings it to the UK it was so yummy! xx