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With valentines day coming up I wanted to do a post with a few ideas for both boys and girls, from the cards, to the wrapping, to the gifts themselves. A lot of the items I have chosen are quite pricey, but they are just ideas and you can always find cheaper alternatives to fit your budget.

OK, Lets start with the card... I like cards that are cute, quirky and don't say too much! I don't like the big slushy verse I just like something short and sweet.

Get this card here £2.50
Get this card here £1.85

I love these next 2 cards, the first one is so cute and funny, great for that awkward unofficial, have a bit of a thing going but not officially 'Girlfriend/Boyfriend' situation haha. The second card is a nice idea for long distance relationships, you can personalise the cards by choosing where you want the hearts placed, or you could just have one heart over the place where you met or a place that is special to you both

Get this card here £2.80
Get this card here £4.98 

I found this blog post for DIY gift wrap and this beautiful ribbon from John Lewis, perfect for gift wrapping your valentines presents

how to - Gift wrapping DIY
get this ribbon here £3.75
Gifts for her

Jewellery is always a lovely gift, and this Astley Clarke 'love' bracelets are perfect for valentines day they come in silver, gold, black and rose gold and the discs come in the larger size on the left and the smaller size on the right
      Silver  £125                      Rose Gold  £330
This Mulberry heart keyring comes in gold, silver and rose gold. An expensive gift for what it is, but it's a nice little token if you don't mind spending a bit but don't want to go too overboard.
Rose Gold Mulberry Key Ring £70
Perfume is a solid choice. Because they can be quite a pricey purchase, it's not something you think to buy for yourself but it is something we love to have. I think perfume is quite personal so if she is fussy (like me) try and find out what scent she likes, or if you are more adventurous you could try to find her a brand new scent.
Coco Chanel Mademoiselle £67
Not much use for us Northerners, but if you are in London on the 9th of February the Jo Malone counter in Selfridges are providing a complimentary engraving service. So you could have a favourite fragrance or candle engraved, which is such a thoughtful gift and is then a little keep sake once the product is used up.

Jo Malone Engraving
and of course ... Flowers and chocolates. A classic for a reason, you really can't go wrong! and remember you don't have to go for the traditional red roses, you could send a bouquet of her favourite flowers instead (which may also be a cheaper alternative!).
 Hotel Chocolate Heart Lolly £2.50 
M&S Roses £50

Gifts for him

I have enlisted the help of my boyfriend Lex for this section

Box set (Blu Ray) of his favourite film/TV series, I bought Alex a blue ray player for christmas, and he is building up his blu ray collection so I'm sure this would be a winner.
Boardwalk Empire £27.99
Aftershave, for the same reasons as the girls, it is a bit of luxury that you don't usually buy for yourself. These are 2 of Lex's favourites

Spicebomb £47.00
Bleu de Chanel £76.00

Skin care - Lex loves Aesop products (initially just for the packaging) but we have got a bit of a collection now and they are lovely products. Also they are pretty much all unisex products so you can share/steal some too!

Alcohol - I think spirits are a good choice especially ones in nice bottles :) The kraken Rum is one of Lex's favourites, and the vodka skull we both really want !
Kraken Rum £30.99

Crystal skull £62.99

Personalised guitar pick, now obviously this only really works if your partner plays guitar haha, but if he does, then I think this is a great little gift and is only £7.43 from Etsy!
Guitar pick £7.43

This scratch map is fun, and a really cute idea, you just scratch off the places that you have been to. Great if you both like to go on lots of trips and adventures together :)
Scratch map £20.00

Thank you for reading, 
if you have any more ideas please share them in the comments below

Bex xx

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