Lush easter collection


I went to Newcastle last week to visit my uni friends, and whist I was there I visited the lush shop and saw the new easter collection ...

The first thing I got is obviously not part of the easter range, but I have never had it before and I pick it up every time I go in but never get it. It is the 'Honey I washed the kids' soap, I used it today for the first time and loved it, it smells amazing, like honey and caramel and is really moisturising.
I then saw 'Golden egg' which is £3.50 the scent is a sweet Toffee and caramel, with bath melt around the outside and a bath bomb in the middle and is covered in gold glitter! So I had to get it and can't wait to use it.

The final ones I got were the 'Immaculate eggception' I love the name of this bath bomb as well as the concept of having a smaller bath bomb inside, the idea is you crack the egg open to find either a chick or a bunny. 
It is designed to be split up in to 3 parts, the chick/bunny, and the 2 halves of the egg, allowing you to get 3 uses out of it, which is why the price is higher at £6.95 However, I would probably just use the whole egg and the inside bomb separately and just get 2 uses out of it to save the mess of keeping half a bath bomb.
 I think these are a really fun idea and great for a gift.

Do you have any lush product suggestions for me to try next? 

Thanks for reading 

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  1. Love these!! I need to try the Golden egg it sounds amazing :)

    1. I know! it is so sparkly :) its the next one i am going to use xxx