My first Jo Malone purchase


 Jo Malone is a shop I always look in, I love the packaging, the products look lovely, but I have never found a scent that I 'had to have'. My favourite scents are more along the lines of, coconut, shea and almond, and I have never seen anything like that in Jo Malone. However last week I saw Tanya mention a Jo Malone candle in her Brighton vlog and knew I would love it.

A few days later I went to the Jo Malone shop in Chester to try it, and I loved it! The shop assistant said it was a new scent that launched in January and has been very popular. So here is my first purchase from Jo Malone, The Sweet Almond and Macaroon Candle.

Also how beautiful is the packaging!! and you get long matches with it too!

I would love to know what you think of the new line in Jo Malone and what your favourite Jo Malone scents are. 

Bex x

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  1. My favourite scent is Jo Malone Nutmeg and Ginger. I don't usually go in for perfume but this did something which I can't really put into words.It didn't seem like the other scents to me. I'm on my 2nd bottle. Now I've got my eye on the lavender candle (I think it has something else with it but I can't remember what.). I suppose I could probably get a cheaper one else where but I have weakness for packaging plus I feel far more pampered with Jo Malone than anything else. I think it has 45 hours of burn time so that to me is money well spent. I haven't smelt the new fragrance so can't comment on that.

    1. I feel the same with packaging! But I think the product quality and the service in Jo Malone shops justifies the price a bit too. Thank you for your comment, I will look out for the nutmeg and ginger fragrance next time I am in xx

  2. I love Jo Malone, especially their candles!


    1. I know I think I will be buying more! :) Do you have any recommendations? xxx