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Every summer around my birthday I have some of my uni friends over to stay. It has become a bit of a tradition since first year of uni. This year Ben and Mike came to stay, we had a lovely time and thought I would share a bit of what we got up to over the week ...

On the first night we stayed in at mine, sat in the garden, drank prosecco, ate hummus and had a catch up

We went to Beeston castle which was lovely, however it did rain half way up and we had to find cover under trees and in the castle ruins!

We went in to my village on one night for a meal at our favourite Indian restaurant, which was really good and discovered a new amazing dish, it had a really long name that I don't remember but it was bright red and had 'Palak' in the name. Anyway I will deffo be getting that again

We also went to Chester for the day, we walked around the shops, had lunch, and hired a rowing boat which I was so bad at! In the evening Lex came to meet us after work and we all went to Hickory's for tea which is an amazing American smokehouse on the river

Towards the end of the week we went to Manchester for drinks in Spinningfields at the Alchemist and Oust house, we then met up with Bens brother to see his new flat before all going for dinner at Turtle Bay which was amazing, the Hummingbird cocktail is a winner! After that we went to the Northern Quarter and played beer pong!

On the final night of the trip we had a bouncy castle at my house haha the reason being... well firstly it was mine and Mikes birthday around the time of the visit and what else would you do for your birthday other than get a bouncy castle :P but the main reason is that for my 21st birthday party I had a bouncy castle and everytime Ben and Mike come to stay they ask for a bouncy castle! haha and because Lex and I are moving in to our apartment in October I thought this would be the last time they come to stay at my parents house with a garden big enough for one so I got it as a kind of final celebration of them staying over in that house as the next time they still we will be in the apartment :) We had lots of fun and created extreme twister which is essentially twister on a bouncy castle... 

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  1. Happy birthday, some lovely places you visited.

  2. Seems like you had an action packed week! All of it sounded so fun , especially beer pong! Where was this? I'm intrigued to go haha xxx

    1. haha it was in the Northern quarter in a bar called Shack it was really fun xx