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Hi! Todays post is a review of the lush products that I got for my birthday, there is a bit of a running theme with these products... aesthetically beautiful but the scents aren't my cup of tea! Let's begin ...

The Experimenter

When you drop this in to the water it is amazing! think 'sparkly rainbow unicorn' However once the colours have all mixed together it leaves the bath a murky dark purple. I wasn't a big fan of the scent, it reminded me of inscence sticks which some might love but it's not my thing. So it looked beautiful but the scent wasn't for me.

Frozen bath bomb

I really liked this bath bomb, it is dark and light blue with shimmer running through the middle. The scent was a lot nicer than the first one and it left the water a beautiful bright blue... but don't you think there should be little snowflakes in the middle!! that would have made it so much better!

Karma bubble bar
I love how this bubble bar looks, it's really striking and I love the colours. However, again I don't like the scent, but it is really pigmented leaving the water a deep purple and creates tons of bubbles.

Intergalactic bath bomb

This was by far my favourite of all the products in this post. First of all the scent was really refreshing, it smells like peppermint and when you are in the bath it clears your airways so you can breathe easier which really refreshes you and wakes you up. It also has popping candy in the centre which is always fun and the colour was amazing, it left the water a gorgeous bright blue and had so much gold glitter in it!! I tried to get a picture of the glitter although it's not very clear but in the picture with my hand all of those little specks are glitter and consequently leaves your bath looking like the last picture!

 Milky Bath bubble bar
This bubble bar contains orange oil, skimmed milk and cocoa butter, this was nice and left my skin feeling soft but I don't think I would repurchase it. 

Thank you for reading, I'd love to hear your opinions on these products if you have tried them.

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