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A few weeks ago I went to Bents garden centre with my mum and sister. I had heard a lot about it from friends, in particular the christmas decorations and it did not disappoint! No matter what your theme, style or colour palette you will be sure to find something at Bents. The displays are incredible and the variety of colour storys are amazing. So if you are around the warrington area it is well worth a visit. Here are some pictures I took when I was there ...

We then went to the food hall which is amazing! It reminds me of a farmers market, the meats and deli section look delicious and the chocolate and patisserie section is beautiful. You will just want to buy one of everything! The food hall also has a lovely selection of hampers which are perfect for christmas presents.

Where is your favourite place to buy christmas decorations?

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  1. Wow what a Christmassy visit! The food and produce look amazing too :) I love buying my decorations from John Lewis.