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One of my favourite things to do is get stuck in to a good boxset ... exciting I know! So I thought I would share my top 10 favourites with you all. 

1. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is my all time favourite show - I just fell in love with it. I love the setting,  I love the outfits, I love the storylines and I love Chuck and Blair! I really have to stop myself just watching this constantly on repeat. I could honestly just watch this over and over again for the rest of my life haha. 
But obv my favourite thing about the show ...

2. Sex and the city

Sex and the city is just a classic. I can watch this over and over. Again I love anything set in New York, I love the characters relationships and although some aspects of the show are unrealistic I think there are so many storylines, relationships and characters that are so relatable.  At some point each one of girls has been my favourite, but my faves are Miranda and Carrie. I also love Carrie and Big's relationship

3. How I Met Your Mother

This is another show I love despite the fact that I hated the ending! (but that rant could be a whole post of its own) I love the character relationships in this show they seem really genuine and believable. I love the attention to detail and how they stick with a running joke/story across seasons even if new viewers don't get it. As I am sure you can see there is a running theme in my favourite shows there is usually a couple that I get a bit obsessed with! In How I met your mother it was Barney and Robin

4. The OC
This was one of the first shows I got really into and I rewatch it every summer. The music in the show is really good, they had death cab for cutie and the killers perform on the show. I loved Seth's sarcastic character and obviously loved him and Summer

5. Frasier
Frasier is another classic that I love, I find it really relaxing to watch and it's so funny. I love Niles and his relationship with Frasier they are so pompous and hilarious to watch and again I love Niles and Daphne's ongoing romantic saga.

6. New Girl
First of all I love Zooey De Chanel, she is so cute and funny, so I knew I would like this show before I started watching it. I think I like this show so much because it is about a girl with a close girlfriend but a big group of guy friends which is like me! haha so that guy humour I always find so funny. Schmidt is my favourite character followed by Nick but I love all of them. In this show there are 2 couples that I love are Nick and Jess obv.
and Shmidt and Cece

7. The Big Bang Theory 

The Big Bang theory is a really fun, easy show to watch. It is great to binge watch as you can just tune in and out as you please. I love all the geeky references and of course I love Sheldon but more importantly ...Sheldon and Amy.

8. Modern Family

This is a show I have only recently started to watch on recommendation of my friend Emily, but Lex and I are now addicted. It is so funny and a really easy watch, perfect for a lazy Sunday. I love all of the different family dynamics but I think my favourite characters are Mitch and Cam.

9. The Vicar of Dibley

This is such a feel good show, I used to watch it when I was little and still love it. It's really easy to watch and I always watch it in the run up to christmas, not sure why, it just seems to have a cosy, christmassy feel to it.

10.  Jonathan Creek

For those who haven't seen it, Jonathan Creek is a creative consultant to a stage magician so he designs all the magic tricks for the shows, he ends up teaming up a crime writer (Maddy Magellan) using his logical reasoning and understanding of illusion to solve what seem like impossible/supernatural mysteries.  The reason I love Jonathan Creek is because you aren't just trying to work out who committed the crimes but how they happened... I also want Jonathan and Maddy to get together haha

...So overall I think it is quite clear that I only really watch tv shows if I have a vested interest in a romance lol 

I would love to know your box set suggestions as I am always open to a new show to get in to!
thanks for reading,
Bex x

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  1. The Vicar of Dibley is such a classic!! I have a massive urge to binge watch every episode one after the other now!

  2. This is a great list!! I love gossip girl and the OC I want them to come back!