Apartment part 1 (Before we moved in)


First of all, sorry for the lack of blog activity. My last post was in January ..oops!

But I have good reason. Lex and I have have been moving in to our first home :) 

We got the keys on December 17th but we wanted to get Christmas and New Year out of the way before we moved in. The apartment we bought was a new build so we were able to choose our kitchen finishes and wall tiles etc and the same in the bathroom, however the floor was left for us to cover so that was another thing to sort out before moving in, not to mention ordering furniture. 

In the following pictures you can see the concrete floor that was ready to cover and the kitchen and bathroom finishes. The picture below is of the main bathroom but our ensuite is finished in the same way.
My sister Lydia came over to help us unpack a few bits and pieces

The first thing we did was fill the cupboards. Cocktail glasses, champagne glasses and wine glasses first ... #priorities
Once we had unpacked everything we could, we had fun trying out all the gadgets in the apartment and exploring the different floors

Lex testing the video intercom
our touch screen microwave is a personal favourite haha easily impressed!
The Lobby
The next job was getting the flooring done. We wanted wooden floor in the hall and living areas, tiles in the bathrooms and carpet in the bedrooms.

The carpet we picked is actually a light, silvery grey although it looks cream in the picture. Our carpet is from the brand Invictus and is in the colour 'Pearle' from the Sirius range. I would definitely recommend it, it is really thick and super soft.
The wooden floor we picked was the Quickstep calando light grey oak and the bathroom tiles were Washington anthracite porcelain tiles both of which we bought from B&Q. Again, really happy with the colour and finish of both of these.

Once the flooring was done we measured everywhere up and ordered our big pieces of furniture like the bed and the sofa
Our sofa is the Cara sofa from Debenhams
We also made several trips to ikea and I became flat pack Queen. I am now an expert in the 'Malm' furniture range!
A huge job was sorting our DVD collection! We have so many haha. We have used the malm drawers in the living room to create a bit of a media hub for the TV, xbox etc so all our DVD's and games are stored neatly in the drawers and hidden away.

 Thank you for reading, my next post will be current pictures of the apartment now it is dressed. We still have lots more furniture and things we would like to buy but we are getting there! It is a long process to get the apartment looking exactly as we want it. 

Have any of you recently moved in to a new place? I would love to hear your stories or any homeware shop suggestions.
Bex x

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  1. Congrats! Looks like a such a lovely place Xx

    Joana¦ www.100thingsilove.com

  2. Awww exciting times!! And looks like you had good fun moving in too! xx


    1. Thank you, we did! new post coming soon showing what the apartment is looking like now we have done a bit of decorating :) x