The official move!


Once the flooring was in and the main pieces of furniture had arrived/been built it was time for the part I had been waiting for ... dressing the rooms! Lex and I have been buying house bits and pieces for the last 2 years, whenever we saw something we liked we bought it, so we were lucky that when the time came to actually moving in we had pretty much everything we needed. 
One of the first things we bought were these lamp shades which were just £19.99 from Dunelm mill. I love the copper colour and the open design is great for smaller/darker rooms as it doesn't block out any light. We have these shades in the main living area and the bedrooms to keep them bright.
We chose a different lamp shade for the hall way. This one was £27 from B&Q. This shade blocks out a lot more light. We wanted the hallway to feel warm and cosy so didn't want such an open shade. This space is not finished yet, we want to get a console table with a lamp which will add to the cosy atmosphere we are trying to create.
We want to add a console table on the right hand side underneath the intercom
One of the things I was most excited about was hanging our prints. We bought this print of the New York subway map from Bryant park when we were in New York a few Christmas's ago.
If you didn't already know, I'm obsessed with Morrissey! So I have tried to sneak as many Morrissey references as possible in to our apartment! Despite my best efforts my Morrissey prints did not make pride of place in the living room haha But they look great in our office/second bedroom.
You can find these prints here.
In the living room we have kept it really simple, the colour scheme is white, grey and gold/copper.
We have been buying cushions and accessories for months and it was so much fun bringing them all together to dress the room.
We had quite a lot of cushions to arrange ...
These 2 were from the white company
These cushions were from society 6
The cushion on the left was a gift from Lex's mum and sister and we love it!
Another Morrissey reference I managed to sneak in to the room haha . This Smiths cushion is from society 6.
This was the first cushion I bought and is from a shop called Arbol in Chester
I think this fur throw was the very first thing we ever bought when we decided to live together! It was from the White company about 2 years ago.
This is what the living room is looking like at the moment. We still need to buy a rug and coffee table, I am thinking about this from but haven't committed, I am still on the look out! I absolutely love our plant, it was a moving in gift from my parents, once we have a few more pieces of furniture we will look in to buying some more house plants. The copper floor lamp was £79 from
This basket is from next and is perfect to store a spare throw and my laptop. It came in a set of 3 and we use the other 2 in our bathrooms.
Across from the sofa is our Malm drawers that we are using as a media unit. The drawers contain all of our DVD's, CD's and video games.
This is one area of the apartment that I am still not happy with. I want to incorporate some plants in somewhere, and once we get a coffee table I will put some of the books on there so this top is not as busy. I don't know, I need to play around with this a bit more.
Our clock was £29 from from
We love our kitchen, we are so pleased with how much space and storage we have. With our apartment being a new build, it was difficult to envisage the room sizes. When we bought it the rooms were literally just marked out on the floor (see picture below)
Our appliances are all white and grey, my kitchen aid I got for my birthday 3 years ago could not have been a more perfect colour! haha. One brand that we got a lot of our kitchen bits from is Joseph Joseph. Our knives, chopping boards, utensils...the list goes on. We just loved everything we saw from the brand so as well as buying a few bits ourselves we had quite a few pieces on our christmas list! The stainless steel chopping board set was a christmas gift and we love them... is it sad to love chopping boards?! What has my life become!
The vodka skull was a gift from one of my best friends Ben. I have wanted this for years and couldn't believe he bought it for me. I don't want to open it but when I do we will have the first drink with him.
I am a fan of a nice glass, so I have made sure we have one for every eventuality! We have cocktail glasses, shot glasses, wine and champagne glasses, we have highball glasses, tumbler glasses, we even have glasses that I bought specifically to drink from in the summer - they have a little bee on them and are are really cute. I am done now though! We might not have any curtains but we have glasses!
The jars are a mix of kilner and ikea, we use them for cereals, rice, pasta, nuts, seeds etc
Our fruit bowl is from Achica
This is our recent homeware haul. My favourite thing is the decanter which was £25 from M&S. I think this will be lovely to put port in at christmas.
These beautiful wood and marble coasters are from M&S and were a house warming gift from my Grandma
The bedroom is a work in progress at the moment, we need to get some side tables and we want to find some prints to go on the walls. Our bed is the Finlay ottoman from and the cushions and throw are from M&S.

The copper candlesticks were just £7.99 from H&M home and the candles were from a shop we went to a couple of years ago in Brighton.
These grey candles were from the same shop in brighton and the copper tealight holder was a gift from Lex's mum. The framed picture is actually a card I bought from my favourite shop in Manchester Magma.
 The bathrooms were the last rooms to get done, we took ages to get round to sorting out the flooring, but we decided on these grey porcelain tiles from B&Q. We also bought the cabinet from Ikea which has great storage and I love the display shelves on the side.

We filled the bathroom with our favourite products. Aesop is a particular favourite. This brand was shown to us by my best friend Emily and her fiancé Lawrence. They took us to the Aesop shop in Shoreditch and we just fell in love with everything! So we picked up a few bits when we were there, and also got a few things from the West broadway store in New York. The Aesop shops are beautiful and the products are lovely. I would definitely recommend checking it out.
And that is our apartment so far! We moved in on the 7th of February which was Super Bowl night. We had lots of fun unpacking and enjoying the Super Bowl with a few drinks.

We are loving our little home and can't wait to keep adding to it :)
Thank you for reading,
Love Bex

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  1. What a beautiful apartment and so organised!! I don't think I'd dare write about my house, it NEVER looks like this. I especially love your sofa, where is it from?

    Keeley x

    1. Thank you Keeley :) We have only been here just under 2 months so I'm sure it won't still look like this in a few months time haha The Sofa is from Debenhams, it is called Cara. Thanks for your lovely comment x

  2. Love this post! I'm moving into my first home this weekend and I can't wait to decorate properly. Your interiors taste is so spot on! x

    Sarah | Sequin This

    1. Thank you Sarah :) Congratulations on moving in to your first home! How exciting! Enjoy decorating, it is definitely the most fun. Really love your blog, consider me a new follower :) xxx