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I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely May bank holiday! The weather is gorgeous and I am enjoying relaxing and writing my blogpost after a morning run in the sunshine with Lex. I went to Liverpool a few weeks ago and went on another lush spending spree so here is a review on some of the things I bought. One product that I have not included in this blog but am really really loving is the Big hair shampoo. This is the first hair product I have used from lush as I tend to just play it safe with the bath products but I absolutely love it! It has a nice fresh scent and lathers up really well in your hair, it contains rock salt to add texture and volume but combined with the coconut oil makes your hair lovely and soft.
The first thing I bought was the Mint Julip lip scrub. I had heard good things about the lush lip scrubs so though I would give them a go, and I will be repurchasing! Not only do they taste amazing as they are made with mint, vanilla and caster sugar but they work really well to buff away dry skin and leave your lips super soft. I use them before I apply lipstick, particularly if I am wearing a matte like 'Ruby woo'. I also use this to take my lipstick off and that also works well.
I also bought the Yuzu & Cocoa macaroon bubble bar, This was another lovely product, it smells amazing and creates loads of bubbles, you can get a fair few uses out this bar, you only need to run it under the tap for a few minutes and you will have more than enough bubbles for your bath.
The big blue I have mixed feelings on, I really like the scent of this, it is very fresh and spa like, it is quite calming and reminds me of being at the seaside and the colour it makes your bath is a beautiful vibrant blue. HOWEVER the seaweed bits that are left floating around in the bath look like spiders legs! and it was freaking me out so much that I couldn't relax! Haha so if you are not a baby like me and don't have a massive phobia of spiders then you will probably love this because everything else about it was lovely.
Honey Bee I actually found a bit disappointing the scent was sweet and pretty but other than that I found it quite bland and it didn't leave my skin feeling soft as others do. There was nothing really wrong with it but I wouldn't repurchase it
The yoga bomb was probably my favourite, everything about it was beautiful. The scent was lovely, it was warm and woody but also floral, it was a very slow release so it lasted for ages and was really relaxing. The colours were a gorgeous mix of oranges, blues and purples with a green and pink burst in the centre and it had sparkles and shimmer so what is not to love!
The Avobath bath bomb I also really enjoyed, it left my skin feeling incredibly silky soft which I imagine is due to the smashed avocado and olive oil, the colour it left the water was a beautiful aqua/mint green and also had a lovely shimmer
The Fizzbanger is another slow release bath bomb. The fragrance is very fresh and zesty, it releases a a vibrant blue colour and turns the bath water green. Overall I found this bath bomb to be quite average however I did like that in the centre of the bomb there is a little note that says bang!
The sakura bath bomb was my least favourite, it really was a none event! The pink and blue colours on the outside are deceptively pretty and enticing but it literally did nothing to the water in terms of colour, the scent was pretty none existent and it didn't do anything for my skin, I ended up just adding  a bubble bar to the bath instead. Maybe I need to try this one again? If you have had a different experience of this then please let me know but I thought it was a bit disappointing. 

Hope you have enjoyed this post and please leave any lush recommendations in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, 
Love Bex

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  1. I had no idea the yoga both bomb went like that in the bath, it looks so colourful! I tend to stick to the bubble bars with bright side being a favourite
    Laura x

  2. I love the avobath, it's my saviour for smooth skin in the summer months! I tried fizzbanger the other day and did quite like it because it stays a bit more bubbly for longer than other bath bombs :)

  3. Coconut oil really is great for conditioning and nourishing you hair! I might have to try the big hair out! I think my favourite coloured bath bomb you have picked would have to be the big blue, it's just a shame about the spider legs because that would freak me out too!