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So I wanted to introduce you all to 'Newcastle Free Press' and to let you know that I will be doing some Make up articles for them.
It is a new online Newspaper covering Fashion, Art, Music,  Film/TV, Politics, and Sport. It seems like an exciting new project and I am really pleased to have been asked to be involved.
So if you would like to check it out just click here My Articles will be under 'Fashion'. Hope you Enjoy.

Todays tutorial is for one of the looks in my first article for the Newcastle Free Press.
It is a grungy look inspired by the 2012 Autumn/Winter catwalk make up at  Louis Vitton.

I wanted to create a look with a similar feel but much more wearable. So I have Kept the focus under the eyes and kept the skin clear and fresh.

I used MAC Studio Finish Concealer to cover any redness or discolouration on the face and then used No7 Instance Radiance foundation for fresh, glowing skin. I applied a MAC
eyeshadow in the colour Wedge to the eyelids and blended this in with a MAC 217 Blending brush. I then took the Wedge eyeshadow underneath the eye and blended it along the lower lash line with a MAC 239 brush. I then used an angled eyeliner brush to blend a matte black eyeshadow close to the lower lash line and ran a MAC Technakohl liner in Graphblack along the lower waterline.
I then finished off the look by heavily coating the lashes with Rimmel London Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara.

Do the eyes first - By doing the eyes first any fall out can be easily wiped away before applying the foundation.

Focus underneath the eyes - Keep the eyelids and brow bone clean and simple, with the dark smokey shadow applied underneath the eye.

Keep it simple - keep the skin fresh and dewy by using a radiance boosting foundation, preferably something with a little shimmer or reflective particles to make the face glow. This will allow the skin to look bright and healthy to contrast with the smudgy, worn in eyes.

Thanks for reading x

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  1. Love this look! It's kind of sultry but without being too much. Found your blog in the comments on Sprinkle of glitter's new video. Now following :) xx


  2. @Jess Thank you :) I love sprinkle of glitter she never fails to make me laugh haha.
    Following you too, baking and make up! My 2 favourite things xxx